The state that the apartment is in.

Over the past two weeks, our apartment has received the following via ebay:

  • Toto’s IV on vinyl (which features the songs “Africa” and “Rosanna”).
  • A t-shirt that says “Dos Equis Drinker’s Club.”
  • A 45 vinyl single of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”
  • Four pint glasses and a plastic pitcher all with the Dos Equis logo on them.
  • Genesis’ “Invisible Touch” on vinyl (which features the song “Invisible Touch”).
  • A vintage 1985 Bears Windbreaker that can be turned inside-out into itself to become a fanny pack (with the Bears name on the front).

    All of that for less than $20.

    We also have a slightly holographic American Eagle flying over a mountain against an American Flag framed on a piece of wood from Branson Mo. that hangs above our bathroom toilet.

    We have also trained Barley Dog to bring us Dos Equis.

    So you can understand why I haven’t updated this recently.

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