Sharpen it up.

David Brooks brings back Patio Man!:

Patio Man is surprised at how much the bankruptcy of Sharper Image has upset him.

I’ve been watching here and there on the conservative in-fighting going on at The Corner. This is my new favorite epic burn between Palin supporters and Palin detractors (Brooks here, called Palin “a cancer”):

As for the first bit, Peggy Noonan complains that she doesn’t know what Sarah Palin believes, and Ross Douthat thinks she needs David Brooks as her speechwriter. Well, I no longer know what David Brooks believes. Last I heard from him was on the Charlie Rose post-debate show when he was gushing that it was like being on a hiking trip and looking out the tent every morning and being reassured that the mountain is always there and Barack is like the mountain: he’s always there. Maybe he can sharpen it up for the book proposal.

Heh. From Bobos to Patio Man to ????. I’m sure there is something on the way.

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One Response to Sharpen it up.

  1. ginandtacos says:

    I’ve never seen a journalist or writer more dependent on straw men than Brooks. Everything he writes is based on these characters which he seems to believe exist beyond a need to prove it.

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