The latest from questionable beverage purchases.

Breaking news (my underline):

MillerCoors LLC announced Monday that it will discontinue the clear malt beverage Zima, introduced by Coors Brewing Co. in 1992, because of “challenging malternative segment sales and declining consumer interest.”

Production of Zima ceased Oct. 10 and remaining orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis using available inventory, chief marketing officer Andy England said in an e-mail. The last orders are expected to be filled in December.

The beverage was produced at MillerCoors’ breweries in Golden, Colo., and Elkton, Va., spokesman Julian Green said.

The decision was made to reduce “complexity” in the brewer’s brand portfolio, allowing it to focus on more preferred brands like Sparks, a malt beverage brand acquired by Miller Brewing Co. of Milwaukee in 2006. MillerCoors, the recently merged operations of Miller and Coors, is asking distributors to replace Zima on store shelves with Sparks and Sparks Plus four-packs and Sparks Light.

Sparks Energy Drink is a rough drink, nowhere near as smooth as Zima. Also, if you pour Sparks into a glass, the foam has the yellow-orange color of a chemical spill.

RIP Zima 1993-2008. I’ll always remember that finals week sophomore year where our dorm floor bought out all the Zima in our mid-state IL college town and hosted Zima Parties.

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2 Responses to The latest from questionable beverage purchases.

  1. David Wiczer says:

    Give it a month and someone else will buy up the rights to the name and starts production again. I’m guessing it’ll be a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund.
    They’ll figure that people love Zima and all sorts of mid-90’s things are coming back in style: health care reform, Philly’s in the World Series…

  2. Mike says:

    A friend of mine wanted to buy out 90s dot-com polos, think work polos with an logo, in anticipation of the 90s nostalgia wave. I think flannel and Smashing Pumpkins tee-shirts are the smarter investment.

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