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Global Warming and Model Risk

Jim responds with thoughts about how to think of non-GDP losses from Global Warming. You should read it. Several very smart people have brought up Indur Goklany to me now, so I’ll not comment till I become very familar with … Continue reading

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Framing, The Metric System, Audience

I’m no scientist, and I’m no expert at climate change. I’m trying to learn a lot about global warming on the fly so I can be an informed citizen when it comes to what it currently going on with the … Continue reading

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What was a subprime loan modeled on?

Even after the CJR demolished it, John Carney lays out his full theory on how the CRA caused so many subprime loans here. I think this is an important point to clarify, as it’s going to float out there in … Continue reading

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Non-GDP Costs from Global Warming

  So I’m trying to think through a simple question: I get that acting on global warming will not pass a cost-benefit analysis when it comes to GDP numbers. But what about everything else that matters in life? How will … Continue reading

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Cost-Benefit, Non-GDP, Global Warming

I should have been a much better lefty quant geek when it came to following global warming tail-risk models. I apologize internets, but there are only so many hours in a day. I do want to point out a few … Continue reading

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CRA Again?

John Carney has posted three ways the CRA caused lax lending. Reminds me of last fall. Barry and Felix have already responded; I want to address Carney’s points more directly: Barry Ritholtz has been a prominent critic of the theory … Continue reading

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Chicago Vacation

And on that note, I’ll be in Chicago for the next week on vacation. Hot Doug’s Some people never got over an old girlfriend. I never got over getting to eat at Hot Doug’s every week when I lived in … Continue reading

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Innovative Knock-Ins

I know what the old time readers are thinking: “Mike, this blog used to be indecipherable to all but 4 people. Now you are seriously going to ignore trying to value that knock-in option on the reverse convertible bond and … Continue reading

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Consumer Protection: Reverse Convertibles

Since we’ve already run new stress tests out of this webpage, I’m going to go ahead and run the Consumer Protection Agency out of the Rortybomb Blog while President Obama and team continue to get the legislation worked out. So … Continue reading

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Regulation Week: Consumer Protection

Sigh. So much for a Justice League of financial regulators. It looks far more like the Articles Of Confederation. Felix Salmon has the scoop: ” FOSC = NBS + FDIC + NCUA + SEC + CFTC + FHFA + FOMC … Continue reading

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