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Please Consider Supporting the Roosevelt Institute

I want to thank everyone in the audience who has read and supported this blog. I am going to go ahead and suggest that if you enjoy this blog you consider supporting the Roosevelt Institute.  The Roosevelt Institute has kindly … Continue reading

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Best of 2011 Edition

I want to thank all my readers, commenters, people who link, email, tweet and otherwise engaged with this blog in 2011.  It’s been a good year, and I’m looking forward to an even better 2012.  There will be more posts, … Continue reading

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The Era of the Ron Paul Newsletters Isn’t Even Past

Since he started leading in Iowa caucus polls, everyone has been writing about Ron Paul.  Especially on libertarian and progressive blogs that I read, everyone is trying to figure out a way to square the parts they like about Ron … Continue reading

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Some Links, 12/22/11

Here’s some links to check out. 1.  The new Jacobin Magazine issue is out.  Check out Peter Frase expanding his Anti-Star Trek argument, as well as Seth Ackerman on the decline of the strike, as well as everyone else. 2. … Continue reading

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Why Not Just Give Poor People Cash? (Preliminary)

Matt Yglesias links over to my post about dredging the submerged state surrounding student loans.  Yglesias notes: “Why not dismantle the submerged state exactly as Konczal suggests, and give the money to poor people? Then people could use the money … Continue reading

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Wonkbook, Atlantic Monthly Now Have Charts of the Year Lists

Several websites have been curating the top economic graphs and charts of the year, as determined by a handful of contributors.  There are two in particular you should check out:  Ezra Klein’s Wonkbook has their collection here and Derek Thompson at … Continue reading

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A Note on Politifact’s Lie of the Year

Several people have commented on Politifact’s Lie of the Year 2011: ‘Republicans voted to end Medicare’ being not a lie but an actually true statement.  You can see Steve Benen, Jonathan Cohn, Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein for more.  Paul Waldman called this early. I … Continue reading

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A Quick Graph on the Historical Labor Force Population and Its Current Flatline

It’s always a challenge to find new and interesting ways to describe how terrible the labor market it.  This is even more true as the unemployment rate is starting to decline though the employment-to-population ratio is roughly staying the same. … Continue reading

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Could Dismantling the Submerged State Surrounding Student Debt Pay for Free Colleges?

Josh Eidelson has a great post at The Nation, “Fighting Privatization, Occupy Activists at CUNY and UC Kick Into High Gear,” that dives into the battles currently being waged against the dismantling of public higher education. One of the Occupy movement’s major objectives … Continue reading

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Occupy Onward Event, New York City, December 18th.

N+1 magazine is holding an “Occupy Onward” event this Sunday in New York City.  I’m on the bill talking about debt with David Graeber (!) and Brian Kalkbrenner of Occupy Student Debt, moderated by Sarah Jaffe of Alternet.  There’s also a … Continue reading

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