Hahaha How brilliant is this? (h/t – Szymon Błaszczyk)

I remember having a gchat discussion with a friend, who is also a liberal lapsed Catholic, about how creeped out we are by Pope Benedict. I grew up in a Polish neighborhood of Chicago, so I was very used to seeing paintings and mementos of John Paul II and his visit to Chi-town (right around the time I was born). The way my parents explained the events of the 1980s to me as I was growing up, it was like John Paul II and Ronald Reagan merged into a single Voltron-like being and destroyed the Soviet Union. I believed it.

But Benedict creeps me out. The best I could come up with is that when I see him, I kind of expect him to yell “Kneel Before Ratzinger!” just like General Zod did in that Superman movie.

As a joke, I typed ‘Kneel Before Ratzinger!’ into google. And on the first page, I got this – “The Theology of Kneeling [by] Cardinal Ratzinger.” It opens – “There are groups, of no small influence, who are trying to talk us out of kneeling.”

I had to walk away from the computer I was so freaked out. I feel terrible for those trying to influence the Catholic Church to reform on issues related to condoms and gay marriage. Ratzinger has no time for the non-kneelers! Even the phrasing – “of no small influence” – is the phrasing you use to deal with an existential threat. No way is he making room for those interests.

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One Response to Kneel!

  1. jkm says:

    That is absolutely beautiful! Where can I get one of those jimmy hats?

    But my uncle, a priest, has told me that the kneeling issue can incite intense feelings among the people of the cloth. And they wonder why church attendance continues to plummet!

    (So many posts lately it’s hard to comment on all of them!)

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