I may now have to put on clean pants to blog.

If you are interested in just the business side of this blog, the finance and markets posts are going to be reprinted over at seekingalpha now. I’m excited they ask me to join up – I think the model is a great way of aggregating a lot of financial information, especially for those with little time. There’s no marginal cost to me – someone else filters my rss feed for entries that are worthwhile and republishes them. I get more exposure in return. Strikes me as a fair deal. (Plus I got an sticky “Editor’s Choice” on the front page for today for my post on conceptualizing the financial system – I’ve been told that is hard to get; go Rortybomb!)

Everything will still be run through here though; nothing will change. In fact I’d prefer for you to read this site if you are a regular reader – I’m not going to be sure what is selected or not selected to be reprinted, and else you’d miss exciting posts about dive bar advertisements, for instance. Going forward I will disclose if I have a financial position in anything I am commenting on, which I would do anyway. I should probably disclose that, in general, I keep low-cost index funds, because I am dubious that people can beat the market over time. I may also try to proofread my posts better, especially in regards to that tricky “singular subject takes a singular verb” gotcha rule.

Also I should probably have a blog policy. I think of this thing as a notebook, where I write down ideas and concepts I want to return to, or share with others. I reserve the right to change or delete any posts here. I won’t edit comments by others, but I will feel free to delete them. However I’d be really surprised if I did that under anything but the craziest circumstances. If any of this bothers you, feel free to ignore this page.

Thanks for reading, all.

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5 Responses to I may now have to put on clean pants to blog.

  1. dismal says:


  2. financeguy says:

    Congrats! Well-deserved; this blog is coming on very strong … agree COMPLETELY that people very rarely beat the market over time. Alpha hedge fund profitability is an illusion (their industry-reported returns each year are so heavily skewed for survivorship bias etc. that I don’t know why anyone reports them any more).

  3. trouble says:

    congrats! (do comments appear right away?)

  4. Awake says:


    Make sure you monitor what of yours gets posted over there. I know Mike Shedlock (of Mish’s Global Economic Analysis) had a slew of bad experiences with SA.


  5. Congratulations! Am glad a wider audience will have the opportunity to read your thoughtful insight and analysis; its been incredibly informative and useful for me.

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