Presidential Conditioning

Until this year, W. has been my only President in my adult life. So I have been conditioned so that when I read someone complimenting our President on giving a good answer to a hard question, I cringe. Especially someone who may disagree with him quite a bit. Because that “good” is usually sarcastic and our President looked like some weird combination of indifferent and idiot. But no, he’s sincere. This question was tricky given the conditions of the USA and the world, and Obama’s answer was really good:

I sat watching half-cringed, and slowly relaxed, thinking “wow, that’s a solid answer. And it articulates a vision of America I agree with.” What an interesting new world.

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4 Responses to Presidential Conditioning

  1. marcel says:

    The Brits? Good thing he didn’t mention Germany and its people.

  2. Jim says:

    I suppose you also cheered when he bowed in deference to his Saudi king.

  3. jkm says:


    W. T. F.

  4. Rob says:


    What’s your point? I’m 67 and I can’t remember Hitler alive. Germany has a lot to be proud of. They built a sound democratic non-militaristic society out of the ruins of defeat.

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