A New Way Forward, Protest, 4/11/09

Like Nemo, I am also officially a kook now. Here are pictures of the San Francisco A New Way Forward demonstrations. Keeping in mind Ed’s observation that our estimation of crowd sizes tend to be double what is normally the correct number, I’m thinking there was actually about 150 people there at any moment, and maybe a total of 250 that went through over the hours. It was fun. Here are some pictures…

First off, I love the bay area types who protest and give their children signs to carry. How awesome is this?

More pictures under the fold.

The Dismantle the Fed people were getting nice and friendly with the International Worker Party. Strange bedfellows…

What is so funny about it?


Ms. Rortybomb:

Someone made a Bernanke action figure with helicopter. Awesome!

They had premade signs, but you couldn’t make your own sign with their materials, in order “to keep away the anarchists.” This guy brought a sign, and it was intense.

This sign made me laugh. We are all, indeed.

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2 Responses to A New Way Forward, Protest, 4/11/09

  1. b says:

    Better to let the kids think for themselves and come to their own conclusions rather than pass down to them your own views (after all, you might be wrong).

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