One Bank, One Card

Did you hear? It was all a bad dream….

Banks are profitable! But is that just earnings from the firesale AIG did on the taxpayer’s dime? Everyone passed the stress test! But the stress test is less stressful than reality and the results are secret. And is there SEC drama in the future…

Stop hatin’. What you need is a U2 cover song about how great it feels to see the no-longer-in-any-trouble-stop-looking Bank of America get bigger and consolidate more business.

Hoisted from 2006, Bank Of America banking center manager Ethan Chandler reworks U2’s “One” to sing about the wonder of the MBNA / Bank of America (BoA) merger at a corporate conference. It’s like an episode of The Office meets the banking crisis – I love it. I’ve posted this before on this blog as a eulogy song for when we first gave BoA money. But now everything is better (and I have some readers), so let’s post it again as a song of rebirth:

I once saw Sunny Day Real Estate play Song About an Angel live and could not tell if Jeremy Enigk was crying on stage or not. I think this Bank of America tribute song beats that out for being the most earnest, heart-felt and emo-tionally driven performance I’ve seen. Doesn’t it make you want to see BoA get just a little bit bigger? “Integration’s never had us feeling so good…”

Full lyrics are below the fold.

It is even better
Now that we’re the same
Two great companies come together
Now, MBNA is B of A

And it’s one bank
One card
One name that’s known all over the world
One spirit
We get to share it
Leading us all to higher standards

[ooohh, mmmm]

Do you like the cowboys?
Or your university?
Do you like the Yankees?
Or is NASCAR more your speed?
Well it’s your choice
Your right
To pick a card that shows
Your heart and your pride

We’re one with affinity
And we’ll carry each other
Carry each other

Have you come to meet Bruce Hammonds
Have you come to meet Leah McGee
Have you heard about Michelle Shepherd
She’s leading the team in the Northeast

And we’ve got Bank One on the run
What’s in your wallet? It’s not Capital One
It’s us, so which card are you?
Integration’s never had us feeling so good
And we’ll make lots of money, forever I can sing
About trusting in teamwork and doing the right thing
We’ll live out our core values
While the competition crawls
‘cause they want what we have got
But it’s only here at Bank of America

One bank
One card
One name that’s known all over the world
One heart , filled with spirit
We feel it, we share it

One bank working everyday
To bring higher standards
Higher standards
We are one, yeah
We are one
We are one bank

[standing ovation]

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1 Response to One Bank, One Card

  1. DiverCity says:

    Happy days are no doubt here again as Wells Fargo posted a record profit and just needs, oh, I don’t know, maybe $50 billion more dollars in TP funding. I realize that we live in a financial world of smoke and mirrors, but was it really all just a bad dream? Is the FIRE (finance, insuarance and real estate) economy cranking back up? I suppose so if one listens to CNBC.

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