Market Movers

I want to encourage you all to follow Ryan Avent, who used to blog at The Bellows, in his new role as the blogger at Felix Salmon’s old place, Market Movers. Especially if you are interested in Environmental Economics, which I hope he keeps up there. (rss feed is at the top of the page. Plug it right into your reader of choice.)

I’ve been following Ryan’s previous blog for a while online. This feels kind of like hearing your favorite indie band is blowing up big; I remember following The Thermals through their first album – “More Parts per Million”, seeing them at a house party in Chicago, following their bassist in her separate project All Girl Summer Fun Band (which is fantastic), etc. just to be surprised that everyone had heard of them by their second album “Fuckin A.” I was happy, but kind of sad. It is kind of like that.

I enjoy commenting on several select blogs. One of the few comments of note I left on his blog, in response to a New Urbanism point, was a hysterical off-point note of “my god how do people lead middle-class lives in these cultural-capital anti-human coastal urban core monstrosities?!?!” See – I’m a total and shameless Upper-Midwestern Illinois person, and was dealing with just having moved to San Francisco right around that time. Sure enough, he took my comment and made a seperate entry for it, answering the anxieties it addressed. (Good or bad thing, the internet documenting all this forever?) Awesome dude, that Ryan. Please do follow him over at Market Movers, you’ll learn some stuff….

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