Liberal Fascism

I did not follow the hoopla over the book Liberal Fascism. I consider it one of those ~2006-2008 books where the Right was just going to get just slightly more hysterical about losing elections until the breakdown of 2009. And at the time, I found The Enemy At Home far more interesting. There was something about a coastal type, who I presume has never actually lived in the heartland, saying that midwestern conservatives would have a lot in common with Islamic conservatives, and maybe they should check each other out, that struck me as 100 times more insulting to the midwest than the ‘flyover-country’ type talk I’m used to hearing in California. Is that really what the conservative elites think of the base?

Anyway, I got the impression at the time that Goldberg was upset and/or disappointed that his argument about the connections between liberals, progressives, and fascism was not taken seriously by serious-minded people. I wonder how it feels that now, a few year laters, his argument is forming the intellectual basis of Glenn Beck’s entire program:

Jonah was on the show at some point explaining his book. I wonder how Jonah feels that Beck, who is either insane or playing this perfectly to jump-start his career, is the person who most connects with spreading the ideas of Jonah’s very serious book. In Ian Mcewan’s “The Child in Time”, a very serious author writes his very serious first novel, and the only interest in it is to rework it to be a children’s book. I imagine it must feel like that.

I wonder how much the National Review, fresh off its “Who really wrote Obama’s autobiography?” line of inquiry, will go further down the rabbit hole.

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One Response to Liberal Fascism

  1. racerx says:

    INGSOC (the ruling party of Oceania) was what English socialism evolved into in 1984.

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