Wolfram Alpha Inbound

I can’t even describe how excited I am for Wolfram Alpha. From my friends in Champaign, IL (the home of University of Illinois, and also Wolfram) the rumors going around the graduate school dive bar scene is that it will be online tomorrow, Friday. I hope so.

I mean, click through to look at these screenshots:

I remember hearing rumors, shortly beforing leaving Champaign about a year and a half ago, about a search engine that is brilliant if you are smart enough to figure it out and keep up, and kind of weird and bizarre otherwise. (I think this description also describes me and all my friends there.) Well, I’m smart enough to use it, and it is going to rock. I might just geek out for the next week with this search engine and dedicate this blog to screenshots of the best searches I’m capable of generating. Would you participate in such a contest?

Do you know what else is from Champaign and rocks? These dudes:

If you like good indie pop, you should checkout The Headlights. This video reminds me of the city:

I’ll stop now. Until Wolfram Alpha goes live that is.

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10 Responses to Wolfram Alpha Inbound

  1. ts says:

    My morning routine for the past two weeks: Shuffle into work, sit down, immediately visit the Wolfram Alpha site to see if it’s running. I’ve even been thinking about what searches I want to run first. I wish I was lying…

  2. Mike says:

    I wish you are not lying.

    I think we are going to have to have some sort of wolframalpha search result duel, for what is the coolest return. Feel free to post away here, though I’ll probably create its own thread for that.

  3. chrismealy says:

    It’s on.

    I’ve been daydreaming about Google and Wolfram getting together to just data mine the hell out of everything. Literally everything. There’s gotta be some worthwhile crazy correlations nobody’s thought of out there.

  4. Matt Frost says:

    Whoah – I totally saw this coming this morning: http://twitter.com/mattfrost/status/1795939064

  5. Mike says:

    Matt and Chris, will you be joining our wolfram alpha search-off?

  6. Mike says:

    7pm CDT they are broadcasting them turning it on live.



  7. Matt Frost says:

    Me too. Best I’ve seen so far, though, comes from Paul Ford: http://is.gd/AgCz

  8. Mike says:

    Ok this is too slow for right now. I created a new entry, which will just be links to the best computations and data presentations I can find between myself and comment. I listed my first round of questions that have yet to be asked. Kick yours in in the comments, then the actual ones themselves!:


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