Wolfram Alpha Weekend

Ok, Wolfram Alpha is not entirely intuitive and it doesn’t have drill down to local USA level data as far as I can tell yet. When I selected “Median Income Illinois” it has an answer, but when I do “Median Income by state” it thinks state is a the chemical property. Also it doesn’t link up with wolfram’s mathworld as much as I was hoping: hence an entry on gini index, with a list by country, but no mathworld definition. Also no Buffon’s Needle!.

Some stuff I’ve enjoyed searching.

  • The finance is out of control. Black Scholes has about every greek derivative graph you could want for a option you put in. Grabbing a stock at random you can drill down into all kinds of financial fundamentals. Grabbing 4 stocks at random, you can get the mean-variance plot (!) and the correlation matrix between them (!!!) immediately.
  • gcd 533715, 156400, 29325
  • 8 pints beer + 2 shots whiskey + large pizza. Related, how many shots in a bottle of booze? (Their unit conversion software is pretty top notch.)
  • Graph Theory. Click on the equals signs to activate any of those searches.
  • exp( -(x^2+y^2)). 3-d plot!

    Also SAT score distributions but no ACT score distribution? C’mon! This thing was developed in the midwest.

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    7 Responses to Wolfram Alpha Weekend

    1. Not the Mike You're Looking For says:

      I recall hearing about someone using the ratio of churches to Thai restaurants in a given zip code as a proxy for liberal/conservative voting. I wonder how well that worked …

    2. chrismealy says:

      I am not getting the hang of it. I want it to be more SQL-like. Why can’t I make it tell me Martin Scorsese’s longest film?

    3. chrismealy says:

      On the other hand I was able to write a Turing machine with it.

    4. Steve Sailer says:

      What is the share of defaulted mortgage dollars by race/ethnicity?

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    6. Matt Frost says:

      Here’s another nice bit of Stephen Wolfram messianic freakery:

      In response to “newborn human weight,” one of the answers is:

      ~~ mass of the book A New Kind of Science (~~ 88 oz )

    7. Mike says:


      Thank you for that. That is fantastic.


      How did you make a turning machine?

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