Ezra Klein to the Washington Post

Update your bookmarks and rss feeds. Ezra Klein has started at the Washington Post yesterday, and has already hit the ground running. Here is the rss feed.

As Ezra has studied and written about what went right and wrong, but mostly wrong, with Health Care Reform back in 1994, I’m excited for him to have a good position to help shape the debate of the massive changes are are about to take place. I think of it like a young pitcher who has studied a World Series game over and over again, and now is on the mound against the same team.

BaselineScenario has a “Financial Crisis For Beginners” that is very good, and popular with readers who want to learn more. As a reader, I’d request a “Health Care Reform For Beginners” – I know a few things, but could definitely know a lot more. And I imagine a lot of his readers will be of the “I know something needs to be done, but I have no clue what and remain very skeptical” category, and would benefit from that approach.

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