Iran, Twitter

It astonishes me that Twitter, which I always assumed was like a ephemeral facebook time waster, is at the edge of co-ordinating the Iranian demonstrations and mass outrage as the government has shut off most of the media. Same with youtube for getting citizen video journalism out. I hear a lot of Silicon Valley Utopia talk about technology changing the world. In my cynical moments I think of social networking sites as mostly a means to deliver target-marketed Hannah Montana ringtones ads to consumers and provide free data mining info to corporations. But then I see something like this and am blown away but what technology can pull off. Some people are going to avoid an ambush, and some people who would simply have disappeared will have their captors exposed, as a result of the techy-web stuff my generation is bringing. It may not be enough, but the world is seeing something that could have simply vanished down the memory hole.

The situation in Iran is so depressing and tragic. Say a prayer for those students, protestors and political organizers who are getting beaten or worse. I have little to offer other than I’m following Andrew Sullivan (who deserves a special award for his blogging as of late) and Spencer Ackerman for coverage. This New Yorker post is also very informative.

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  1. Hopton says:

    In America, Twitter seems like a time waster (I believe it largely is)… but in a country that is striving to get out from under the thumb of it’s government, it’s a revolutionary tool.

    Check out the timely talk by Clay Shirky:

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