Speaking of Atlantic Business

Can someone get this guy a job there?

He abuses substances, breaks things with a sledgehammer and a baseball bat, all while taking about macroeconomic indicators. This video is about his reaction to “green shoots” (he remains unconvinced), while breaking a computer monitor to “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” and Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name of.” Skip to 7m30s to see him rage out at Obama’s stimulus job creation numbers (which he is skeptical of) to the “F*** you I won’t do what you tell me!” refrain. The internet really does deliver.

I love watching this guy. Here is his youtube channel. Zero Hedge has figured out about him, so he’s blowing up, and would be a smart talent to grab up immedately. I’m not often sure what The Atlantic Business section target market is, but if they worry that it is a little too Ivy-Leaguers-Reads-The-Business-Section-And-Comment about it, this dude would totally shake up that dynamic. I haven’t noticed any internal disagreements among writers since Ryan Avent left; this guy would so make up for that.

He believes Obama is a Muslim and also is strongly unconvinced on the benefits of mass immigration. He also has an investment strategy of getting credit cards, maxing them out to buy supplies, gold and silver, and then swearing at the credit card companies when they call (9m29s for the strategy in this video). Go Team Red America!

I don’t offer investment advice on this blog, but I strongly discourage you from following that strategy. Strongly. They took down video where he shows you his two dozen credit cards next to a pile of gold, and where halfway through a collections agent calls him and he mocks him and swears at him.

Here he starts by showing you his latest credit card and the silver he bought with it. Again, disagree with this investment strategy. The product placement is a little distasteful, but he more than makes up for it by raging out to Guns And Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Paradise City” while discussing the prospect for a recovery in 2009.

I think there was a blog post at one point where Megan McArdle freaked out about her credit check for her iPhone having an error. I would pay so much money to see her and this guy do a bloggingheads together.

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