Coming Out

Hi. My name is actually Mike Konczal. I wish I could tell you I’ve kept this blog as a pseudonym because I’m a Big Deal, a CEO or Tenured professor or something, but I did only because I figured blogging was something I’d lose interest in after a few months and it would all be crap enough that I didn’t want my name associated with it. I’m just a random dude, 29 for 24 more hours!, in the back office with a matlab license. (The nice kind, with all the math and statistical licenses. But just a dude nonetheless.)

I didn’t expect to gain a readership or end up in a center position in several internet debates. But I’ve written enough of a critical mass that I’m proud of that I want my actual name associated with it. One it starts, when do you switch over to a real name? Good question – so I’m just going to do it now. So that’s my actual name name, also now in the About page. Feel free to use my real name if you link through or quote (and please do).

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10 Responses to Coming Out

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Mike K – I had a similar experience about a year ago in a blogging context.

    I read politics and finance blogs avidly, but most of the stuff I publish is at a tennis website – Pete Bodo’s TennisWorld, if anyone’s interested. Good place for civil people who are passionate about tennis.

    Anyhow, having gone by Andrew for eighteen months or so, the site owner said “it’s about time you used your full name.” I’m a mid level type at a big oil and gas company, so I thought about it for 30 seconds, then said “OK.” So Andrew Burton I’ve been for the last year or so, and no harm done. My colleagues that know about my other life have been supportive.

    But enough about me. I hope you continue to post for many years to come (one of the best in the political sphere, hilzoy, just announced she’s stepping away from blogging).

    Your posts are insightful and knowledgeable, and they’re beautifully written. It’s a very, very rare combination. Rortybomb is one of the sites I try to read every other day or so – along with other top-notch economics and finance blogs like Felix Salmon and Calculated Risk (damn, I miss Tanta).

    Good luck with your professional and blogging endeavors.

  2. Ted K says:

    Happy to see your “coming out” Mike. You SHOULD be proud of your site. Tons of good info. and your writing and perspective on things raises the quality of the dialogue. Have some extra liquor and spicy tacos to celebrate!! Yeah!!

  3. Karl Smith says:

    I did notice that on everything you wrote you referred to yourself as just Mike. Eventually, though when even Ezra Klein was posting referring to you as Mike Rorty, I figured they had some inside information and I broke down.

    Should have stayed with my original theory.

  4. zunguzugnu says:

    I had the same impulse originally, but at a certain point a pseudonym just becomes too much *work.* And you’ve definitely got nothing to be ashamed of! Happy b-day, too.

  5. Walt says:

    That’s funny. I was thinking about starting a pseudonymous blog, but then I thought “Mike Rorty posts under his real name.” Now I have to assume that “Konczal” is some sort of cover identity for your real identity.

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  7. AndrewBW says:

    Mike, excellent work so far. Keep it up. I;ve been reading your stuff I guess foir about a year now, since I believe Felix Salmon first linked to you. Your posts are informative and for the most part quite understandable, at least to this non-math guy.

    And on the subject of names, an aside to Andrew above: My middle name is Burton.

  8. Duff Samoa says:

    So, where does Rorty come from then?

    pseudonym generator?

  9. Taunter says:

    Somewhere Richard Bachman is smiling

  10. Alex R says:

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

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