Coming Out

Hi. My name is actually Mike Konczal. I wish I could tell you I’ve kept this blog as a pseudonym because I’m a Big Deal, a CEO or Tenured professor or something, but I did only because I figured blogging was something I’d lose interest in after a few months and it would all be crap enough that I didn’t want my name associated with it. I’m just a random dude, 29 for 24 more hours!, in the back office with a matlab license. (The nice kind, with all the math and statistical licenses. But just a dude nonetheless.)

I didn’t expect to gain a readership or end up in a center position in several internet debates. But I’ve written enough of a critical mass that I’m proud of that I want my actual name associated with it. One it starts, when do you switch over to a real name? Good question – so I’m just going to do it now. So that’s my actual name name, also now in the About page. Feel free to use my real name if you link through or quote (and please do).