I’m not going to turn this into a livejournal, but I do want to show off the tattoo I got myself for turning 30 under the fold.


It’s of my favorite public art in the world – The Chicago Picasso. I remember getting off the train to visit downtown right at Daley Center as a kid, and that would be one of the first things I’d see, so it reminds me of this sense of awe I’d get at being at the center of the city. As I’ve gotten older, something about it reminds me of the strength and decency of the American people (or at least the Upper-Midwest; I’m not going to speak for the rest of you), as serves as a reminder that they are worth fighting for.

As a random factoid, here’s the neatest thing someone’s said about me in my 20s, right after I moved to San Francisco, from my friend MJG in an email:

“Speaking of Konczal, did you know that Dan Savage was also the son of a cop, grew up on the South Side of Chicago, and attended the University of Illinois? Both are also quite clever and moderately (but not radically) progressive.

Now Konczal lives in SF, and he expects us to believe that this is a coincidence? Unlikely.”


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4 Responses to 30.

  1. racerx says:

    I was hoping for Ito’s Lemma

  2. One thing I love about Chicago – the playgrounds provided by the outdoor art. The Picasso makes a great slide. My son loves to high five himself at the Bean. And all three of my children love to play in the spitting faces fountains at Millennium Park.

    (30’s not so bad… I swear!)

  3. Mike says:

    Ha! If I was going to get a math tattoo, it was going to be this. But Ito’s lemma would be cool (if not more confusing).

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