Thursday Links

I follow up on Taunter’s excellent post on rescission over at The Atlantic. It’s a ramble that I had fun with, about zombies and end of the world trades and credit cards and how if rescission happened to credit cards, and the same dynamic does if you squint, the government would be all over it.

Free Exchange has an interview with Felix Salmon; especially interesting re: financial innovation.

Jon Stokes has one of the better takes on High Frequency Trading I’ve seen, focusing on the technology side. Not overwhelming, but comfortable enough with the material to really explain a lot of the details. Stokes also, in a follow-up note at Felix’s, points that once again we have a situation where the math and finance (and especially in this case, IT) people are overestimating what each other actually does. Didn’t we just do that?

Paul Wilmott on HFT. Wilmott is a quant’s quant, and is very much at the center of mathematical finance; if there are secret worries about the whole project, they almost certainly get bounced off Wilmott in private – I’ve read that several times trying to figure out how much specifics he knows to worry about without being able to tell.

(h/t Ezra) Sorry I’ve been light blogging this week. I’ve been becoming one with my company.

My theory: Weezer fell apart because Matt Sharp left the band after Pinkerton. All this Rivers focus is misguided. To note, Matt Sharp with Tegan and Sara, covering “Tired of Sex”:

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