I did a with Reihan Salam, where we discussed a bunch of stuff, including things I wrote at The Basline Scenario last week like Unemployed, Consumer Protection, Right To Rent, etc. Here’s the Paul Starr article that influenced my thinking on the Public Option. I ramble a lot (it’s my first video showing), but Reihan is a fantastic person to chat with and he kept it mostly on track. Reihan has his new blog The Agenda going strong these days, and the new project is up and running. I can’t embed non-youtube into my wordpress account, but please click through if you’d like.

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  1. David says:

    Nice showing there. Dropping the A(cemoglu)-bomb there was pretty excellent. I was impressed as hell that Reihan figured out who you were talking about.
    The discussion about unemployment by choice was really good, and “matching frictions” is a really hot topic in research. It’s going back to this Mortensen-Pissaredes type model, where job creation is this matching process, and then lots of people have tried to use cyclical probability of good match to generate the cyclical unemployment we see. Mark Bils and some collaborators have a very good piece that shows that cyclical matching is mostly only a significant part of the cyclical employment for low-wage, low-hour workers. Basically, it becomes tough for retail workers to find a “match” in recession, but cyclicality of matching is not so significant for higher skilled guys.

    Totally different note, your closer on health care was just awesome: “are you a little worried that you guys might win this one and we’ll have the status quo” It got him mumbling to himself for a good few minutes before making a coherent statement.

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