Ted Kennedy, 1932-2009

Rest in Peace Ted Kennedy.

I have little to add other than I really like these two pieces by Harold Meyerson and Sean Wilentz. From Meyerson:

He was, as he lay dying, new again. Ted Kennedy outlived the Reagan-Thatcher conservative era to which for so many years he led the opposition. He played a key role in putting Barack Obama in the White House, creating the possibility for a renaissance of American liberalism, the cause he led for the past four decades. He came to Washington one last time to vote for the kind of Keynesian stimulus that had been out of favor in the age of laissez-faire but that embodied, however imperfectly, Kennedy’s belief that government had the ability and the duty to create an economy that not only mitigated capitalism’s excesses but made it work for ordinary Americans.

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2 Responses to Ted Kennedy, 1932-2009

  1. patrick says:

    excellent quote. i know the late senator wouldn’t want us to only mourn and remember him–he’d want those of us who believe in those same ideas to continue the fight and keep at it…which we must do.

  2. I am a MA resident so I can tell you this about EMK. He was a womanizer, a drunk and he killed someone, and he got thrown out of college for cheating. He was all the way to the left, so I agreed with none of his positions.

    He was a superb legislator. He brought home immense pork for MA. He faithfully represented a state which is 99% Democrat, and mostly liberal. He was excellent at making rich folks pay for stuff for poorer folks. He wanted to turn us into the modern welfare state, like Sweden or Japan.

    As his life ebbed, he received drugs and care that are unavailable in the UK because of expense, so a UK death Panel would have ended his heroic effort at a longer life.

    He was a bit of a bombast, and gave speeches that the crowd and media loved, but he was a thug about conservative judges, and both Judge Bork and Thomas were his victims.

    He fought hard for what he wanted. So should we.

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