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Vanilla Option, Extra Scoop

Interfluidity is back (and stay back!) with a post about the vanilla option, which is highly recommended. I want to expand on two points he brings up. Commoditization Vanilla products would turn basic financial services into a commodity business, and … Continue reading

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Consumer Protection at the Fed: July, 2000

Let’s look at the transcript from “Morning Session of Public Hearing on Home Equity Lending, July 27, 2000”, moderated by Glenn Loney, the Deputy Director of the Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, and one of the four signers of … Continue reading

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Consumer Protection At The Fed: Jan, 1998

A quick reminder to make sure and read the Washington Post’s Article on the Federal Reserve’s History over the past 15 years and the mortgage market. It’s great evidence that we had the regulation we needed to force non-bank lenders … Continue reading

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With Feeling, Ban Prepayment Penalties At The Federal Level

So, no vanilla contract. And there’s more. Other Exemptions…the following businesses will not be subject to CFPA regulation for acting in their traditional capacities…Accountants and other businesses that perform tax preparation services…Real estate brokers and agents…Consumer reporting agencies… I’m working … Continue reading

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Vanilla Products, Eulogy

I was at a dinner party with some friends a few weeks ago, and the topic of credit cards came up. One friend talked about how she had just realized she had been paying for “credit card insurance.” What is … Continue reading

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Did Regulation Cause the Financial Crisis?

(Cross posted at The Atlantic Business Channel.) The role regulators played in the current financial crisis is a critical question as the Treasury Department gets set to take on bank regulation in the next few months. But standing in the … Continue reading

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Banker Compensation, Risk and Reward edition.

Tyler Cowen: It’s entirely fair to argue that these tests are not decisive. But still, the evidence isn’t there — at least not yet — that executive pay was in fact the big problem…Please leave your reading suggestions in the … Continue reading

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