CFPA Markup

The “Financial Autopsy” Amendment, which we discussed here, was introduced for committee markup by Congressman Grayson with quotes from this blog! (He mentions an Atlantic Business Channel contributor, not ‘rortybomb’, which is probably for the best.) That’s pretty damn awesome and completely humbling.

It honestly amazes me the power blogs can have. I’m just a random dude with a matlab license, and I get to interact with all kinds of brilliant people, both commenters and other bloggers. Tyler Cowen brought up a similar point when he said “Not many outsiders understand what a powerful learning mechanism the blogosphere has set in place.” I couldn’t agree more.

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2 Responses to CFPA Markup

  1. Not the Mike You're Looking For says:

    Congrats, Mike!

  2. Aaron Swartz says:

    Obviously Alan Grayson reads Rortybomb. And rightly so!

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