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How much did Tiger Woods cost shareholders?

Oh why not, one more before I really take a break from blogging. From Will Ambrosini, Christopher Knittel and Victor Stango from UC Davis have found the following interesting conclusion: “We estimate that in the days beginning with Tiger Woods’ … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays and New Year

Hazards It’s worth noting that it has been 5 days since the Senate voted for Health Care Reform, and since then I’ve become unemployed, and have spent the last week eating waayy too much polish sausage and italian beef sandwiches, … Continue reading

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Did the 00s suck?

Allright, time to clean out the entirety of entries that have been sitting in the Draft Folder for a while in a single rambling post. I’m noticing a lot of Best of Decade lists, but I’m not hearing an important … Continue reading

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H-Kayne’s “Jil Jdid”

Cleaning out the draft box, I just realized I never posted this music video, a welcome break from a long couple weeks. Setup: David Brooks had an editorial a while ago about how twitter and facebook and everything else internets … Continue reading

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Things I’m reading, 12/22

There’s no way you are actually accomplishing work this week, is there? Here’s some really good wonk stuff I’ve read recently online: – Ryan Avent on Bernanke’s testimony and Person of the Year award. – Felix Salmon makes a list … Continue reading

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The Broken OTC Markets

From Professor Jayanth Varma’s blog, last Friday saw an interesting hidden news dump from the SEC related to ICAP and the the OTC market (pdf here). On the UST desks, ICAP, through the Brokers, engaged in deceptive conduct by displaying … Continue reading

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Release the AIG Emails!

Take a minute, if you missed it already, to check out this editorial in the NYTimes by Eliot Spitzer, Frank Partnoy and Bill Black (three people who have investigated a fair amount of financial fraud) where they call for an … Continue reading

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