Happy Holidays and New Year


It’s worth noting that it has been 5 days since the Senate voted for Health Care Reform, and since then I’ve become unemployed, and have spent the last week eating waayy too much polish sausage and italian beef sandwiches, drinking nice bourbon to all hours of the night and then getting 3am tacos at Western and Armitage.

Above, is me looking for italian beef and cheeseburgers at Nickys Chicago, and my behavior lately looks exactly like what the conservatives worried about: moral hazard! risk homeostasis! bad work incentives!

Ha! That’s not the actual motivations; I’m just transitioning from San Francisco to the new job in New York via a debauched holiday break in Chicago with family and friends. Have you ever had an italian beef sandwich with hot peppers? Delicious. Here’s the wikipedia page for Italian Beef.

The 00s have given me some great local bar haunts: Old Tuman’s (RIP), the camaraderie of Champaign’s excellent Mike and Molly’s, San Francisco’s Dovre Club, and especially Chicago’s very own California Clipper, where I got to enjoy a game of Bingo last night, something friends of mine host every Monday night and is worth an evening of your time. It all brought back a lot of good memories.

Work the Holidays?

So did you go to work this week? That’s always the debate with an office job: On one hand, you get a giant break for the cost of three days off. On the other hand, if you go to work this Monday through Wednesday, there’s nobody there, so you can either get a lot of actual work done and/or do very little depending.

The statement “Now that the blogosphere is empty and everyone is taking this time off, I can get finally some serious blogging done” makes very little sense, so since I didn’t say it before I’ll be back next week, in a new job and a new city. I hope you’ve had a Happy Holidays and continue it with a Happy New Year.

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2 Responses to Happy Holidays and New Year

  1. josh says:

    wisht i could have met you out here in the SF Bay Area, but alas. hope NYC treats you well

  2. Noompa says:

    If you didn’t make it down to Maxwell Street Depot (aka just “Depot”), none of the Polishes count. As beer bars go, The Map Room is right up there with the best. Good luck in NYC and Happy New Year.

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