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Fake Homeownership

I saw an ad on craigslist (though most story that starts with that line are shady, this one is not especially so) for apartment rental opportunities in Sacramento, CA. The rent was very cheap, but you had to post a … Continue reading

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Too Small to Succeed?

(h/t modeled behavior) Here is David Henderson (a full article): Opinion: Making Banks Too Small to Succeed? …His plan would limit both the size of banks and the kinds of assets they are allowed to invest in. In other words, … Continue reading

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State of the Union Thoughts

Everyone is writing about it, so I’ll throw in my two cents. I was pretty happy with the SOTU speech, especially since I went into it quite worried. Here is the text of the speech. Highlights for me: 1) Saying … Continue reading

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Mortgage Servicing Performance II: Predatory?

So we talked about a recent report about mortgage modifications, the Analysis of Mortgage Servicing Performance, here. I asked back in August whether or not the Mortgage Modification plan has failed, and nothing in this report, which is the latest … Continue reading

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Mortgage Servicing Performance I: Underwater and That Social Trust Thing

Recap Steve Waldman of interfluidity has an interview up at mortgage calculator where he discusses, among many other things, his statement: “I think that the moral thing for most borrowers to do, under present circumstances, is to default on loans … Continue reading

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Thinking about Freezes, from 1938.

Sigh. So Obama is going to be freezing non-security discretionary spending. RA at Free Exchange has the best writeup. It’s worth noting even respectable neoliberal deficit hawks like Brad Delong are pissed off about this (posts one and two). Since … Continue reading

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A little more on 21st Century Glass-Steagall

A little extra reaction from yesterday’s announcement. First, back in October Deputy Director of the National Economic Council Diana Farrell famously told NPR: We have created them [our biggest banks], and we’re sort of past that point, and I think … Continue reading

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