Video From the Make Markets Be Markets Conference Online

Video of the Make Markets Be Markets conference is finally online. Here’s the pdf of the final report. Here it is broken up by presenter at vimeo, and at youtube, with the vimeo video being higher quality.

Felix Salmon tweeted that “An 8-minute boiled-down Simon Johnson presentation is pretty concentrated & devastating.” I agree, and here it is:

And here is Elizabeth Warren’s defense of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Like Simon’s presentation, I had been following the argument for a long time, but seeing it all in one short presentation was really effective.

The first few minutes of Frank Partnoy’s talk where he gives you a balance sheet and asks you to guess who it belongs to is pretty damn effective too.

My presentation on how to solve the shadow banking problem is in there, walking through arguments regular readers may have seen before. All of the presenters did a great job, and they are all worth checking out. Hope you enjoy them.

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10 Responses to Video From the Make Markets Be Markets Conference Online

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  3. noompa says:

    Thanks for these, they’re great. While I have been following Elizabeth Warren’s work on the CFPA, but this was my first time hearing her speak: wow. She really radiates the sort of firebrand determinism that these reform efforts need.

    Its also interesting to put the Partnoy and Warren pieces in dialogue with each other: the claim that financial markets were pretty complex in the 1920s notwithstanding, it does seem that financial innovation has progressed in more esoteric ways, even if it does so at the same pace as it did in the ’20s. Thats where the Warren presentation is really effective, in pointing out the key areas where things have changed over the years (loved the BankAm cc contract comparison), even while we keep in mind the points made by Partnoy.

    Also, enjoyed your presentation.

  4. Ray says:

    If people of the speakers’ quality are impotent in creating financial reform, where does that leave John Q. Public? The market for psychiatric medications and other forms of escapism looks very promising.

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  6. Hooray for Elizabeth Warren! I’d like a standalone link to her talk. I want to pass it along to all my friends.

  7. S.C says:

    Congress is corrupted–they take money from the banking lobbies –how can they regulate them? It’s conflict of interests. So far people have only seen that system of check and balance is broken and it is damaging citizens livelihoods since it has been helping banking system and Wall street in stealing from families and the tax payers. Democratic system should be great if people demand reforms particularly in campaign finances, banking and transparentcy in governances. The politicians who are only looking out for their own interests and following just corporate needs instead of constituents’ deserve no reelection.

  8. Darrell Wells says:

    Love your site, especiallly embedded video clips

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