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Potential Derivative Loophole #1: Trading Facility

It’s Friday, so for fun let’s play financial reform loophole detective. Here’s the definition of a “swap execution facility” in Senator Lincoln’s original bill (p. 47): This language was passed out of the Ag Committee. Here is the Ag Committee’s … Continue reading

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An Interview with Jane D’Arista on the Volcker Rule

In addition to off-balance reform, I wanted to do an interview about the Volcker Rule that is proposed with Senator Merkley’s amendment. Jane D’Arista is a research associate at PERI and the co-coordinator of the Economists’ Committee for Stable, Accountable, … Continue reading

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An Interview on Off-Balance Sheet Reform

Interview Friday. Tim Fernholz has interviews with Senator Ted Kaufman and Senator Mark Warner on financial reform. Last week I told you about 6 things to fight for in the Dodd Bill, including three amendments. One of them was Senator Menendez’s Off-Balance Sheet … Continue reading

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SAFE Banking Act, What it Does in 2D

Let’s talk about the SAFE Banking Act. First up, what does it do? Well, it caps deposits at 10% of total deposits, non-deposit liabilities at 2% of GDP for banks and 3% of GDP for non-banks. Huh? Let’s put it … Continue reading

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Bloggingheads, New Way Forward, and protests this Thursday

Two things of interest. Bloggingheads I was recently on bloggingheads with Jesse Eisinger, who was one of the two co-writers of the excellent ProPublica story on Magnetar. Magnetar is the hedge fund that help keep the housing bubble alive in … Continue reading

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The Post Reform Financial Sector: Taxes, Size and Franchise

So what will the financial sector look like after whatever financial reform bill passes? I want to raise some specific points. Taxing There’s a lot of talk that the the potential negative effects of concentration and size in the financial … Continue reading

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Raj Date on Resolution Authority, Conservative Arguments on Bailouts

First up, Raj Date has a new paper out, titled: The Killer G’s: Resolution Authority, Financial Stabilization, and Taxpayer Bailouts. It’s definitely worth your time, as it explains how, if the Dodd Bill was in place in January 2008, our … Continue reading

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