Road Trips

Ok, I’m hitting the road for a little bit.

Through Tuesday, I’ll be guest-blogging at Ezra Klein’s blog. Big thanks to Ezra for the opportunity. I’ve been saving up some fun stuff, and will be posting it there so check it out. First up, why is Timothy Geithner attacking leverage requirements?

Next I’m off to Morocco to hang out with Ms. Rortybomb. I am under the sneaking suspicion that her ethnomusiciology fieldwork is similar to the first 10 minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark played on repeat, so I’ll probably be away from the internet for a few days while we dodge boulders and escape from subalterns using seaplanes. (Anyone who wants to discuss financial reform please feel free to shoot me an email, which I’ll be checking.)

Then I’ll be blogging from the Institute for New Economic Thinking, about trying to think of paradigms to replace and critique the current discredited economic ones later next week.

But sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti I’ll be back here doing financial reform soon enough. See you then!

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4 Responses to Road Trips

  1. noompa says:

    Safe travels- I’ll be following you on Ezra Klein’s blog!

  2. Anyone who can squeeze the word ‘ethnomusiciology’ into a Post can’t be that in need of a rest! 😉

  3. Matt M. says:

    Re the Institute: Any thoughts on this issue — “Institute for New Economic Thinking will ensure that in the future all thinking is done by men (” — raised by Matt Yglesias?

  4. sraffa says:

    Have a great time- Morocco is great!

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