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Guestblogging at Ezra Klein’s, Out and About

1) Here’s an appearance of me on the Rachel Maddow show, special thanks to guest host Chris Hayes for bringing me on board. 2) There’s a lot of coverage on how great the Senate Bill is (and also appropriate reaction … Continue reading

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Treasury and the Banks’ Attack on Collin’s Leverage Amendment

There is little time left in financial reform. Little changes made in the next few days will have major consequences for developing a 21st century financial sector that works to grow, nurture and build the real economy, that creates a … Continue reading

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Derivatives Reform, 5/20: The Two Loopholes That the Fight is Over

This derivatives fight also occurred in the House, which we will discuss at the end of this entry. But first David Dayen (who you should read for the hour by hour breakdown of this bill moving) has the recap of … Continue reading

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Merkley-Levin Amendment Can’t Get a Vote

Is this a joke? There’s a broad effort, lead by Shelby, to block a discussion and vote on the Merkley-Levin amendment. Even with a 60 vote requirement and some democratic senators missing (with “one hand tied behind our backs” as … Continue reading

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Why Merkley-Levin Is Necessary

A funny thing happened in June of 2007. Back when times were better, Bear Sterns had previously created two hedge funds, one in 2004 and one in August of 2006, named “Bear Stearns High-Grade Structured Credit Fund” and “Bear Stearns … Continue reading

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Derivatives Update 5/14: SAFER and A Loophole Fix?

SAFER Keeps Up the Fight SAFER has put out a letter responding to Bernanke on Section 716, which is the Section 106 fight. And Joe Stiglitz lays out his case defending Section 716 in a 5 page letter located here. … Continue reading

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Vitters 4003: A GE Capital Regulatory Arbitrage Amendment?

GE Capital People who know me well know that I am obsessed with GE Capital as being one of the key stories of the change in the American economy of the late 20th century, a story I hope to develop … Continue reading

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