Guestblogging at Ezra Klein’s, Out and About

1) Here’s an appearance of me on the Rachel Maddow show, special thanks to guest host Chris Hayes for bringing me on board.

2) There’s a lot of coverage on how great the Senate Bill is (and also appropriate reaction as to what a missed opportunity it was), and I agree that it is much better than where it was 2 months ago. But why is it better? There’s a narrative that it’s momentum from health care and the SEC actions against Goldman.

Watching it in real time, and comparing it to watching it real time in the House, I think there’s three clear reasons why the Senate Bill got stronger, and I outline them for New Deal 2.0 here.

3) I’m guest blogging at Ezra Klein’s blog this week. Special thanks to Ezra for giving me the opportunity. We’ll be covering financial reform, but also some other stuff like a multi-part series on DIY U, sketch out some ideas on prisons and economic freedoms (already posted), a financial transaction tax, immigration and wages, and a ton more.

I’ll be guest blogging with the great team of Dylan Matthews, Jonathan Bernstein and Kate Sheppard. Check it out!

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2 Responses to Guestblogging at Ezra Klein’s, Out and About

  1. oso says:

    I must say I’d been enjoying your columns, but am very disappointed in the cheerleading for a bad bill. I’d hardly call watering a bill down by opposing all that Brown/Kaufman and Merkley/Levin offered making it stronger.

  2. Ted K says:

    Nice tie Mike. You did a great job on Maddow. Hats off to you sir.

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