Out and About, AFN2010, Interchange Conference

I want to thank Ezra Klein for letting me guest blog for him the last two weeks. A lot of people wrote interesting follow-ups to some of the stuff I wrote, and now that I just finished moving I’ll respond to them here in the next few days.

I’m going to be at the America’s Future Now conference the next three days; Rob Johnson, head of the financial reform efforts at the Roosevelt Institute, will be on a panel today, Monday, at 2:30pm titled “Curbing Wall Street: Strategies Going Forward”, and will be talking Tuesday morning with Simon Johnson titled, “Breakfast and Big Banks.” It should be streamable online. If you are there, stop by and say “hi.”

On Wednesday morning, I’ll be on a panel at George Mason University’s Mercutus Center for The Economics and Regulation of Payment Card Interchange Fees:

9:15- 10:45 a.m. Pierce Room

Picking Up the Tab: The Regulation of Credit Cards

Moderator: Megan McArdle, Atlantic Monthly

Session Speakers:
Thomas Durkin, former Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Board
Mike Konczal, Roosevelt Institute
Geoffrey Manne, International Center for Law and Economics
Felix Salmon, Reuters
Steven Semeraro, Thomas Jefferson University
Fred Smith, Competitive Enterprise Institute

That is one pretty fantastic group of people, and this should make for an interesting discussion. It is this Wednesday, Willard InterContinental, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC. You can register here, and I believe it will be viewable online as well.

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