Links, 6/30/10

1) Bankruptcy law expert Adam Levitin gives the Protecting Gun Owners in Bankruptcy Act of 2010 a critical examination. The internet delivers.

2) Ed on Rent-a-Center v. Jackson. I love his intro to the case that could serve as a placeholder for the whole court: “the Court has made another incredibly tone-deaf (and 5-4) decision in favor of, well, not you.”

3) Jamie Galbraith’s testimony to the Fiscal Commission. It’s worth your time.

4) CEPR has its own Deficit Calculator, which looks at the budget through some progressive solutions.

5) I’m happy to learn that none the dispersants being used by BP “displayed biologically significant endocrine disrupting activity” in the first of several rounds of testing. Good news where you can get it. Kate Sheppard has more.

6) Arpit Gupta’s blog, calculated exuberance, has some interesting post lately, including a review of Rajan’s Fault Lines and some thoughts on my recent writing on mortgages. He also has an important read on the numbers people use regarding the GSEs, numbers I hear from conservatives all the time, and it is important to trace why they are wrong (he follows James Kwak, who has also debunked these numbers.)

I wanted to hate this, but it is pretty fantastic.

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