GSE Decision Tree from Cambridge Winter

This is helpful. Raj Date from Cambridge Winter came up with a decision tree to follow to policy outcomes for the GSEs. Though simplified, it’s a helpful first step to see some of the issues on the table (click through to a larger image):

Raj Date discussed the various plans with both Alex Pollock and Susan Wachter on these two BNN clips (one, two), with the different plans coming into play in clip two.

Lots of White Papers

If you are interested in learning more about the various policy proposals in the end stage above, here is AEI’s Alex Pollock’s article Reform of the Housing Finance System and his testimony Seven Steps toward Sound Mortgage Finance.

Susan Wachter is a member of the Mortgage Finance Working Group (MFWG) convened by the Center for American Progress (CAP). Here is their Principles to Guide Development and Regulation of a Renewed Mortgage Finance System, an overview to the debate, as well as their A Responsible Market for Housing Finance paper.

And here is Raj Date presenting his approach to GSE reform at the Roosevelt Institute’s Make Markets Be Markets conference, along with his recent Starting Over brief on GSE reform.

We’ll be following the unfolding of this debate over the next months.

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