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How Does Our Fiscal Security’s Fiscal Blueprint Work For Climate Hawks?

I consider myself a climate hawk, and one thing I really like about the term is that it emphasizes a multiple-front strategy on issues related to climate change. One front in the battle will definitely be budgetary policy. How does … Continue reading

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Our Fiscal Security’s Fiscal Blueprint; Budget Reform as FinReg

The team at Our Fiscal Security, a collaborative effort of Demos, the Economic Policy Institute, and The Century Foundation, have just put out Investing in America’s Economy: A Budget Blueprint for Economic Recovery and Fiscal Responsibility (pdf here). I’m sure … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren and HR 3808, The Notary Fraud Condonation Act of 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Hope you are resting off eating too much turkey and dressing, while avoiding the worst shopping lines.   Thanks for reading this blog, I’m quite thankful for all the people I’ve gotten a chance to interact with … Continue reading

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Lots of Links on the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis

Like you were going to get any work done today. Chris Hayes has really been on the foreclosure crisis over at MSNBC. Here he is, substituting for Lawrence O’Donnell, interviews noted foreclosure defense attorney Bubba Grimsley about servicer abuse. I … Continue reading

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Two More Fun Things About the Kemp Case and Countrywide.

Even more on that Kemp case. Yves Smith has a great post about the explanations of the testimony. Two things. First, this judge is fantastic. One of the best allies we have are judges who have seen foreclosure cases for … Continue reading

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SBET Single Most Important Problem, Updated for November 2010.

I love this data set. We’ve previously discussed what small businesses say is their number one problem. I want to make new graphs and reproduce them here. And since we now have the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends for November … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan, Arpit Gupta on Monetary Policy

This Paul Ryan article from the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, Ryan leads opposition to Fed’s economic efforts, is scary if this is an accurate picture of the future of the Right on monetary policy (h/t Yglesias): Ryan is regarded by many … Continue reading

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