Blueprint for Millennial America, Think 2040.

Unemployment in this Great Recession is hitting the young in a particularly nasty way. This includes college educated 20-24 year olds, the people we tell that if they just get some college-level skills they’ll be ok. The long-term consequences of graduating into a recession are well-documented, and we could see a Europeanization of millennial generation.

So with that in mind, it’s great to see the Roosevelt Institute’s Campus Network engage and energize young people into thinking critically into what kind of long-term plan they want to see for the economy, government, political process and social safety net. As part of this operation, they’ve just released a Blueprint for Millennial America. Hilary Doe, the Director of the Campus Network, has an editorial launching the blueprint here. This is part of the larger Think 2040 project, which encourages young people to think where they want the country to be 30 years from now.

The document provides an outline of key things the campus network has found millennials want from their government, as compiled from a broad-base of chapters across the nation.  Here’s a sample:

It is all worth checking out. Cultivating the next generation of young political thinkers and activists is something the Right learned a long time ago has serious dividends. The youth vote is yet another group of voters that Democrats assume will show up without any form of engagement. Beyond being a voter bloc, they are also the future leaders who will inherit the political and institutional framework left behind. And in so much as retaining, building on and engaging the youth vote is something that the current Democratic leadership needs to get on ASAP, this is a good set of resources to use to get started.

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2 Responses to Blueprint for Millennial America, Think 2040.

  1. Manpriya says:

    Absolutely, Mike.

    I think that often, we are the demographic that goes unheard because we don’t have a plan. Now, thanks to organizers like Roosevelt, we are at the threshold of our chance to enter governance and not just send our votes to Washington.

  2. Martakami Campbell says:

    As a millennial (born in 1982) I want to see more millennials running for office. Forget about what I want. This needs to happen. The post-WWII time period is over. But the same ideals and values from that time period are still dominant. And it is hurting all of us. We’ve got to step out of the post-WWII way of thinking. This will be a challenge because during the post-WWII era a large generation of people were born. And that large massive generation of people are in power today. And what are we doing about it? Nothing. We just keep letting them be in power. We keep looking to them for answers. But what we must do is look to ourselves for answers. This is very urgent. Not just for us, but for the generations that will follow us. They are depending on us, the millennials. Please. It is time that as a generation we rise up, and take our place.

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