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New Frontiers in State Budget Reform: Putting Incarcerated Prisoners To Work. Also 1879.

Wow. From the New York Times, Enlisting Prison Labor to Close Budget Gaps: …Prison labor — making license plates, picking up litter — is nothing new, and nearly all states have such programs. But these days, officials are expanding the … Continue reading

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Walker’s Budget Plan is a Three-Part Roadmap for Conservative State Governance

Tim Fernholz wrote an excellent article in the National Journal about the “bait and switch” of Governor Walker’s Wisconsin plan. Fernholz points out that the short-term deficit problem can be covered by debt restructuring, and that the big pieces of the bill … Continue reading

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Kay Hymowitz on Feminism and Our Perpetual Spiritual Crisis, Homeownership Rates for Young Unmarried People.

In 1955, Adali Stevenson gave the commencement speech at Smith College. He told young women: “I think there is much you can do about our [spiritual] crisis in the humble role of housewife. You may be hitched to one of these … Continue reading

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The Housing Bubble and Negative Equity are a Major Predictor of State Budget Gaps, Not Unions.

Amidst all the public debate about how states are being bled dry by militant public unions, you wouldn’t know that we just had a major housing bubble across the country followed by a financial system near-collapse and the most prolonged … Continue reading

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Links, 2/22/11

– Both Bernard Harcourt (!) and Adam Serwer have followup on the battle over deinstitutionalization and the problems of using weak balance sheets in a recession as a wedge to reduce prison populations. – This blog, which is mostly about … Continue reading

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Education, and Our Honors Kids Versus Theirs

Kevin Drum had a post about educational achievement and how the United States isn’t doing as bad as popular wisdom would lead you to believe: These figures come from Brookings Institution scholar Tom Loveless, and they show how American kids … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown, the Assault on Reproductive Rights and the Temptation to Appear Reasonable.

It’s tough to remember now that we are after the Obama campaign, but in 2005 one of the most exciting Centrist Democratic plans for regaining a significant place for liberalism in the country wasn’t finding a foreign policy differentiable from … Continue reading

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