Is there Going to Be a Government Shutdown Over Planned Parenthood?

Here’s a major development from Swampland. Reid on a conference call, Title X rider is the defund Planned Parenthood rider: “Reid was asked by CNN’s Brianna Keilar if he’d offered Boehner more money to drop the Title X rider. He said he had, but that Boehner had turned him down.”

If true, then that’s game over for a settlement. I have heard all along those negotiating were leaving the riders, the attached policy issues amendments to the House budget, to be dealt with at the very end. One involved removing the way the CFPB is funded, so I’ve been paying attention to how the riders are designed. Did the Democrats assume that these “social issues” were in fact de-prioritized, and could be removed with some cash? Well here you have it – extra cuts to put aside the Planned Parenthood issue, or even just to run it as its own vote, a day before a government shutdown, and it was declined.

As always, its important to remember that this isn’t about abortion. Here’s how their services actually breakdown:

But even that’s wrong, since this funding is silo’ed. As Irin Carmon notes: “Federal money to Planned Parenthood and other family planning clinics goes to providing contraceptive services, sex ed, STI and HIV testing, and cervical cancer screenings. The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funding to abortions. Republicans…haven’t bothered to offer an alternative to the vast majority of non-abortion-related services offered by Planned Parenthood and other Title X clinics.”

Even if you bundle these numbers as far as they go (if it is true that an abortion counts as multiple services, something closer to 11%, and if you think it is logically correct to bundle them, which I don’t assume) you are still talking about an institution that provides the overwhelming majority of its services as cancer screenings, STD testing and contraception information and availability. For many places, Planned Parenthood is the primary provider of these basic family planning and health needs.

I hope people are able to find out how this became the sticking point that can’t be negotiated away for the Tea Party. Any clues out there? There’s the indifference line: There are moments that are just perfectly made for Media Matters, and Bill O’Reilly saying that “nobody’s life is affected by Planned Parenthood” is one of them.

Remember when the Washington Post found that Virginia Governor’s Robert McDonnell thesis on conservative social values from the 1980s attacked Griswold v. Connecticut? Is the right to privacy and contraception something that intellectual conservatives think is illegitimate, but they’ve learned to keep quiet about it?

Is it nostalgia? It’s worth digging out that Kathryn Lopez column Contraception is Not the Solution, which I actually applaud for its honesty about what the goals are here:

We’ve come to expect less for and from ourselves, and for and from one another. In part, it’s the fruit of the contraceptive pill. New York magazine recently observed in a cover feature: “The pill is so ingrained in our culture today that girls go on it in college, even high school, and stay on it for five, 10, 15, even 20 years.” That, of course, has had all kinds of fallout: a false sense of freedom, security. And it has ravaged women’s fertility, as it seeks to mute exactly what women’s reproductive power is all about.

That’s why I want to turn back the clock — to a time when we valued love and marriage and didn’t expect, support and even encourage promiscuity. Life and history don’t work that way, obviously, there is no actual rewind. But we do have opportunities to learn from our mistakes…. or popping pills in pursuit of something that masks itself as satisfaction but is really just a bad substitute, oftentimes making true happiness all the more illusory.

Is this what is going on with most Tea Partiers?  I hope conservative commentators step in and actually state whether or not it is worth shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood.

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4 Responses to Is there Going to Be a Government Shutdown Over Planned Parenthood?

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  2. Does Kathryn Lopez mean turn back the clock to the time when Ronald Reagan got his girlfriend Nancy pregnant and then married her?

    Or should we stay more current, and flash back to the days when the 17 yr old daughter of a prominent Republican candidate for Vice President endured the “big oops” of the unwanted pregnancy? And then went on to be a highly paid advocate for abstinence using the message of “just say no” to persuade girls not to do “it”? (Girls are her primary target, because as Bristol learned, in our culture, the boys aren’t held nearly as accountable as the girls when baby comes calling.)

  3. Why are the democrats blaming women for the government shut down?

    They ignore our issues for years but suddenly women’s rights are important enough to shut down the government. They should stop hiding behind our petticoats!

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