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On Should-Level Disagreements Motivating Could-Level Disagreements

Jared Bernstein has an interesting proposition for progressive/liberal economic writers. We should talk less about what the administration and Democratic leader should do and more about what they could do: Especially re the WPA-idea, this got me thinking about the … Continue reading

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Balkin on the Constitution in the National Surveillance State

“The question is not whether we will have a surveillance state in the years to come, but what sort of surveillance state we will have. Will we have a government without sufficient controls over public and private surveillance, or will … Continue reading

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Dave Roberts on Great Spaces and Political Freedom

Dave Roberts is writing about a new animating idea for the left based around the idea of great spaces (Parts One, Two and Three). The bumper sticker version is: great places. Making the places we live and work more resilient, intelligent, productive, and … Continue reading

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What can the LPS Lawsuit Tell Us About Why Investigating Foreclosure Fraud Matters?

The American Prospect has a special report on housing this month. Some of my favorite people who work on housing are in the issue, including Alyssa Katz, Marcus Stanley (from Americans for Financial Reform, who critiques HAMP), James Carr from … Continue reading

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A Quick Follow-Up on Unemployment by Duration Data: Job-Finding and Dropping Out of the Labor Force

I want to get a few graphs on this blog before we leave this data set behind, not sure if they’ll be of any use.  I wrote a post last week about unemployment by duration and came to two conclusions. … Continue reading

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What can the movie Bridesmaids tell us about the Recession and Keynesian Economics?

The movie Bridesmaids has had a strong second weekend, dropping only 20% as a result of positive word-of-mouth. This hopefully shows that a movie that passes the Bechdel Rule can go on to make $100 million dollars and will encourage Hollywood … Continue reading

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Friday Links, 5/20/11

– Jared Bernstein’s new blog is fantastic, and if you are a fan of economic blogs it is a must-read. “From the perspective of the workers who hold these types of jobs [that don’t require college education], there may be no … Continue reading

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