New America Event, Monday, 5/9 Future of the Federal Reserve

Yesterday Ben Bernanke gave a speech, Implementing a Macroprudential Approach to Supervision and Regulation, at the 47th Annual Conference on Bank Structure and Competition, Chicago, Illinois. The conclusion:

The financial crisis demonstrated clearly that supervisory and regulatory practices must consider overall financial stability as well as the safety and soundness of individual firms. The Dodd-Frank Act requires regulators to mitigate the buildup of financial excesses and reduce vulnerabilities, and it created an interagency council to monitor financial markets, to identify emerging threats, and to help formulate policies to contain those risks. For our part, the Federal Reserve has restructured its internal operations to facilitate a macroprudential approach to supervision and regulation and to monitor systemic risks.

This issue – how to reconcile macroeconomics theory with financial regulation, how the Federal Reserve will act as a more important financial regulator post-Dodd-Frank and how to reconceptualize financial regulation as a macroprudential activity – was a theme brought up at the last Federal Reserve panel, and it will be brought up as an even more important topic at the Future of the Federal Reserve event at New America Monday.  Here’s the line-up:


9:00am to 9:10am – Welcome and Introduction

Mike Konczal
Roosevelt Institute

9:10am to 10:10am – Panel One: Restoring Growth and Full Employment

Joe Gagnon
Peterson Institute for International Economics

Dean Baker
Center for Economic and Policy Research

Tim Canova
Chapman University

Michael Lind
New America Foundation

10:10am to 11:10am – Panel Two: Ensuring Consumer Protection

Travis Plunkett
Consumer Federation of America

Lisa Donner
Americans for Financial Reform

Ed Mierzwinski

Reid Cramer
New America Foundation

11:10am to 12:10pm – Panel Three: The Future of Federal Reserve

Dennis Kelleher
Better Markets

Jo Ann Barefoot
Former Deputy Comptroller of the Currency, Co-Chair Treliant Risk Advisors

Josh Bivens
Economic Policy Institute

Mike Konczal
Roosevelt Institute

It’s almost full but there are still a few slots open you can RSVP for at the page. You can also watch it online at that page. Hope you check it out.

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One Response to New America Event, Monday, 5/9 Future of the Federal Reserve

  1. Anjon Roy says:

    Good event, good talking afterwards. Next time, some Minsky or MMT! 🙂

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