Friday Links, 5/20/11

– Jared Bernstein’s new blog is fantastic, and if you are a fan of economic blogs it is a must-read. “From the perspective of the workers who hold these types of jobs [that don’t require college education], there may be no social program more effective than full employment.” “Increasing the share of college grads is a key piece of ‘winning the future,’ but I also worry the present.” There needs to be more liberal voices like this in the economic blogosphere.  He’s also on twitter.

– Campaign for America’s Future has a petition you can sign asking the President to recess appoint Elizabeth Warren. We’ll discuss this more next week, but Republicans saying that they’ll oppose any nominee solved a somewhat major problem for a handful of liberals and progressives debating whether or not to fight for Warren versus going with a weaker but theoretically easier-to-get-confirmed candidate.  Since the GOP opposes anyone, might as well go for the best.

Jane Meyer, New Yorker, The Secret Sharer. Obama’s war on whistleblowers never looked so scary or petty. Severe laws and penalties that usually are used on actual spies are being deployed against those who question illegal surveillance and internal corruption.  Something has gone wrong, and it isn’t clear to me how to proceed. Must-read. Emptywheel, Greenwald, and Adam Serwer have more.

Roseanne Bar in New York Magazine discusses the abuses and misogyny surrounding the creation and first season of her show. Tiger Beatdown has more.

Yves Smith discusses a lawsuit against LPS based on faulty foreclosure practices. Check this out: “According to CW16, on top of the 20% of files with phantom referrals, approximately another 35% of files had some problems in them. Those problems varied, and included among others, an ARM that had improperly adjusted up, a failure to properly account for a borrower’s principal and interest payments, and a failure to properly attribute payments between pre-petition and post-petition that led the banks to try to collect pre-petition obligations they were not permitted to pursue.” More next week, but that’s the cesspool the payment system for the largest lending market in the largest economy in the history of the world has turned into.

Moe Tkacik’s editorial on DSK and the elite is one of the few that successfully connects the DSK sexual assault charge to a larger, global issue.

Music video, Titus Andronicus – “A More Perfect Union.” I’m officially at the age where going to a show feels like a gigantic hassle, but I saw them live recently and it was really a good time.

Here they are covering TMBG’s “Birdhouse in Your Soul.”

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4 Responses to Friday Links, 5/20/11

  1. Ted K says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Bernstein blog. My guess is he’s a little farther to the left than me (and that’s saying a lot), but he’s a sharpy. I think I’ll go ahead and put it up as a permanent link. If he’s serious about blogging and not doing it for book-promo or other BS he will stay on. If it’s promo gunk I really hate that king of blogger (Raghuram Rajan is a good example, he thinks blogging is beneath him until it’s time to sell books, and then we get two sentence blurbs that I guess we are supposed to care about).

  2. Ted K says:

    I read the Roseanne Barr article. She has an extremely sharp mind (as would be expected from your typical J.e.w.) And I like what she has to say, and how she says it very frankly, and it’s worth recommending as there is a lot to be learned from the article. BUT she is very self-aggrandizing when she claims her show “Roseanne” was the first and last working class sitcom. What about the show “The Middle” with Patricia Heaton??? Now that show is not my cup of tea, but it’s a good example of a show which would relatively closely represent a working class family. And really when she says “the first” it’s especially insulting to shows like “Archie Bunker”, “The Honeymooners”, and “Married With Children”. And if she wants to claim it was the first feminist show, I want to know if she has ever heard of “Mary Tyler Moore”. She and others might laugh at that, but for its era that show did a lot for women in the workplace.

    Two things for Roseanne: 1. Roseanne, you were great and broke some tough barriers, but sorry you didn’t invent TV 2. If you feel so strongly about a woman’s “feminist and working class” sitcom being on TV, why not produce it yourself and truly show us how useless Matt Williams was??? Or is there more to it than you would have us believe?? Because I’m here to tell you if an ugly frog making fart noises with his under-arms for 30 minutes got high ratings, that is exactly what ABC or any network would show.

  3. Ted K says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but “Laverne and Shirley” is another one just popped into my mind. The characters worked at a factory and struggled sharing an apartment. If those two weren’t working class and fighting for women’s place, I guess Roseanne would have to explain to me what she thinks is working class or “feminist”. Penny Marshall is certainly a woman you would think Roseanne would be familiar with.

  4. Phil G says:

    While I’m dreaming about Elizabeth Warren getting support from the administration to make any kind of difference from within, I’ll dream big. Don’t put her in charge of the CFPB, put her in charge of the OCC.

    Talk about doing something that would help consumers….

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