Friday Links, 6/10/11

– Wesley Yang’s n+1 piece The Face of Seung-Hui Cho is now available as a $2 Amazon Kindle Single. It’s an amazing, disquieting and challenging, work, focused on his identification with the disturbed college mass murderer’s face and Yang’s own history of college and 20s-something disappointments and failings. One of the better magazine articles I’ve read, and I encourage you to check it out.

– Kat Aaron investigates the safety net under attack at the state level for the American Prospect.  The performance of this net during the crisis has been amazing, with these automatic stabilizers blunting the worst macroeconomic outcomes of the Recession and preventing a lot of needless suffering to boot.  I’m happy to say that Kat Aaron will be on out Federal Reserve panel at Netroots Nation next week.

– Dara Lind covers how our broken immigration system is both normalizing mass detention and eroding Fourth Amendment rights, things presumably you care about regardless of what you think of immigration.

–  Kevin Drum thinks that banks should keep your data as safe as your money. I agree.

Economics 21 has video of a panel they did on public pensions with Josh Barro, Dean Baker, and Elizabeth McNichol of CBPP. All of the panelist are people I’ll read on this topic, so it was good to see them gathered to hash out the subject.

The hard truth about health care: Government works.  Ezra walks through the case, as does Matt Steinglass.

Zach Carter, Ryan Grim and Elise Foley report interchange reform is safe, with the Tester amendment failing in the Senate. Good times.

It is officially summer. Lighter posting through the 4th of July.

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2 Responses to Friday Links, 6/10/11

  1. Ted K says:

    At the risk of coming across like a jerk (not that that’s ever stopped me). I think Asians would have a much better time adjusting if they didn’t cluster among their own group in the Chinatowns, going around campus speaking their native tongue 90% of the time, etc. I’m sorry but I have to agree with that UCLA girl (to a degree, not 100%). When I was in UNiversity Asians did talk loudly in the library (in my day, to each other, not on a mobile) and they also ripped articles out of the library newspaper racks (yes it’s been that long since I went to UNiversity, they had newspaper racks of that day’s newspapers to use inside the library) that they would plagiarize for their papers. You know, I got tired of having to go to the college library before 9:30am just to read a WSJ that didn’t look like it had been used to create paper mache. And I saw different Asian students literally taking scissors to newspapers like it was their personal property (by the way I’m such an “extreme racist” I never turned them in although it made my blood boil).

    I might add, a lot of Professors at well respected Universities except horrid grammar from overseas students that would earn anyone else an F because these universities get huge cash flows from Asian parents who want their kid to come back in 4 years (immediately after getting their degree) to tell everyone they got the Western UNiversity degree.

    News flash: You have to extend yourself a little with the natives socially (mix) if you want to be accepted

    I’ve spent extended time in an Asian country. Asians don’t bend over backwards to help foreigners. It’s sink or swim. You (a westerner) want to go to University in Asia?? Learn the native language or go croak.

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