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Rampell on the Long-Term Unemployed and Job Searches

I wanted to comment on this great article by Catherine Rampell, The Help-Wanted Sign Comes With a Frustrating Asterisk, which is all about how employers are looking for workers with jobs right now rather than hiring from the long-term unemployed.  Two … Continue reading

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GDP Revisions: Bad News

The BEA just announced revisions to GDP numbers along with their new, second quarterly number.  There were major revisions with quarterly information from 2007 onward.  Let’s pull up what the numbers looked like on May 26th, or what we thought they … Continue reading

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New Article at Good Magazine, Research Note, about Occupations, the Gendered Recovery and the Great Speedup

Bryce Covert and I have an article at Good Magazine, Where Have All the Administrative Assistants Gone?, which is all about the gendered nature of the recovery and the Great Speedup.  There’s also a short research note that goes along with … Continue reading

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The Activist Ratings Agencies and Their Poor Public Sector Predictions

In 1996 Thomas Friedman said: “There are two superpowers in the world today in my opinion. There’s the United States and there’s Moody’s Bond Rating Service. The United States can destroy you by dropping bombs, and Moody’s can destroy you by … Continue reading

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Age of Greed Review, Random Links 7/22/11

– I have a review of Jeff Madrick’s new book “Age of Greed” online at the Nation. – I’ve just discovered Peter Frase’s blog and it is highly recommended.  He advances the rentier capitalism arguments we brought up with Hardt here, his … Continue reading

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Aaron Schwartz and JSTOR

If you haven’t, read up on Aaron Schwartz’s arrest for downloading too many files from JSTOR.  This isn’t normally my beat but, regardless of what you think of the main issue, a potential 35 year prison sentence for copying files shows how … Continue reading

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Wallace Turbeville of Better Markets on the One-Year Anniversary of Dodd-Frank

One year after the passage of Dodd-Frank, I invited some experts and those on the front lines to weigh in on what’s happened so far and what’s to come on financial regulation.   I caught up with Wallace Turbeville, a derivatives specialist … Continue reading

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