Holiday Weekend Links, 7/3/11

– For when you watch fireworks this weekend, here’s a passage from James Kloppenberg’s Uncertain Victory:

On a fine October day in 1901, Jaures watched in wonder as a manned airship flew over Paris. Two fellow spectators did not share his enthusiasm. One denounced the spectacle as an attempt to whitewash a recent scandal by flying around the Eiffel Tower, a preposterous effort to glamorize a monstrosity “built with stolen Panama money.” The other was enraged by what he considered a cheap bourgeois trick to amuse the masses, a new kind of bread and circuses, and he vowed to establish a “group of Revolutionary Aeronauts, in other words, of aeronauts who will wait until the Revolution is accomplished before they invent balloons.” Their contempt for the grandeur of the achievement saddened and puzzled Jaures. [p. 247]

This blog has a bag full of Revolutionary Sparklers and Bottle Rockets for when the time comes, and not a moment earlier.

– Ed at ginandtacos has been killing it lately.  In particular his research on ideology and mid-term voters (“Of people who reported voting in 2010, more than half described Obama as “very liberal” whereas barely 25% of non-voters described him that way”), as well as posts on the Federal Government, the sad boredom of watching the government at this time and thoughts on being in a band.

– Bryce Covert has an good article about the rights of domestic workers and the costs to working-class families.  Unlike most of these articles, it’s about trying to define the problem as a policy one that involves everyone, and not about beating up any specific group (particularly households with two working parents).

– Think Progress has a story about how women who miscarry or had stillbirths in Mississippi and Alabama are being investigated and tried for murder and other serious crimes. (Mississippi send 25% of its prisoners to private prisons. Wonder if there is lobbying going on?)

Chilling stuff; whenever you hear about how “social” issues should take a back-seat to “economic” issues keep this kind of tyranny in mind. Also keep this in mind when you hear about how the Tea Party and resurgent state-level conservative movement is all about good governance and pension reform and whatnot.  Also a brutal battle to keep abortion clinics open in Kansas as the Right is using regulatory powers to shut them down.

– Mac McClelland with “I’m Gonna Need You to Fight Me On This: How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD.”  I’m still processing and thinking through this article.  I wish it didn’t end without some critical distance from the event itself, to get a sense if it actually helped or made the matter worse.  One thing I noted is that for men in similar situations, the assumption that bearing witness to extreme awfulness in the world – as a journalist, solider, medical professional, cop, etc. – can lead one down self-destructive paths is a pretty common thought (see any story from Hemmingway to McNulty and beyond).  That usually involves alcohol, rage/depression, infidelity, etc. It doesn’t usually have women as the narrator or violent sex tying the elements together and trying to mediate them.

Britney Spears dad has a permanent conservatorship over her. Creepy.  Why did the courts do this?

Law Professor Jack Balkin does us all a big favor when he walks through the history of Section 4 of the 14th Amendment.  Dave Dayen has more.  This is looking more and more like a viable option.

Lindsay Lohan was paid to tweet about hyperinflation by a really shady group.  I hear more and more about low-level portfolio advisors telling people to load up for the hyperinflation with their Roth IRAs – what is going on with the world?

Zephyr Teachout and Mark Schmitt argue that there’s something to be salvaged from the Arizona case against state-level campaign finance reform.  I’ve heard that Justice Kagan’s dissent is very good, will read soon.

Aaron Bady on the famous Marshall McLuhan scene from Annie Hall.  Great critique and reading of the movie.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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3 Responses to Holiday Weekend Links, 7/3/11

  1. whetmoser says:

    “I hear more and more about low-level portfolio advisors telling people to load up for the hyperinflation with their Roth IRAs”

    Did you happen to catch Barry Ritholtz’s word cloud of the recent Fed press conference? The word of the day was “inflation.” So it’s not just the portfolio advisors. Still pretty weird, though.

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  3. dumdedumdum says:

    I assume you recall the Pennsylvania juvenile judges who were taking kickbacks from private youth detention facilities to send away innocent kids.

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