Age of Greed Review, Random Links 7/22/11

– I have a review of Jeff Madrick’s new book “Age of Greed” online at the Nation.

– I’ve just discovered Peter Frase’s blog and it is highly recommended.  He advances the rentier capitalism arguments we brought up with Hardt here, his anti-Star Trek post is getting great attention and he’s experiencing the invisible college of economics ideas.

– Related, everything going on in this Jacobin magazine and blog is really interesting and worth checking out.

Alyssa Rosenberg discusses George R.R. Martin’s sci-fi saga A Song of Ice and Fire and foreign policy for Foreign Policy Magazine.  Should I have read this by now?

–  Aaron Bady is excellent on the surveillance industry and schools.  I had a response in my head that isn’t going to get written that was all about Simon’s Governing Through Crime.  Schools are where we learn to become citizens, and the citizen who stands in relationship to the state as either potential criminal, potential victim or especially now potential security threats as flag by data aggregation seems about right for where we are right now.

–  Jamelle Bouie on “Another Regressive and Undemocratic ‘Grand Bargain’ from Obama and Boehner.”  Yup.

–   Big story.  Florida firing Assistant AG’s in Florida to protect the foreclosure industry? From Dayen.

–  And the Right is already running against Obama for cutting Social Security.  As well they should.  What will he even say in response:  “We all got in the boat together” or some similar nonsense?

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2 Responses to Age of Greed Review, Random Links 7/22/11

  1. I read the anti-Star Trek thing and got to thinking that in a way I live in a Star Trek world. Retired with a comfortable income and wealth. The path dependence of my life make my needs and wants balance with my wealth and income. I do things now for the fun of it. Sometimes there is not a lot of fun of it when I have to fix something. I could pay for fixing things but again path dependence of an wide ranging engineering career makes fixing things fun.
    Thanks for helping me keep my mind active.

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