Discussing Rick Perry and the Federal Reserve on Last Word

I was on Last Word guest-hosted by Chris Hayes yesterday (click through for video), talking about Rick Perry’s Federal Reserve comment, QE3 and the far-right’s approach to monetary policy.

Some previous posts for those joining the blog that are related: the regional Fed governors are gearing up to fight the last war of the 1970s, the recent Fed dissenters might want to get their guts checks and examining the new right-wing approaches to the political economy of monetary policy – the last one being a post I’d extra recommend.

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One Response to Discussing Rick Perry and the Federal Reserve on Last Word

  1. Bob Roddis says:

    I have been an Austrian School advocate since 1973 and I had never heard of you prior to your appearance with Chris Hayes. It’s clear that neither you nor Mr. Hayes have the slightest familiarity with Austrian School concepts. I pointed that out to Lew Rockwell, former Ron Paul chief of staff and founder of the Mises Institute.


    In those 38 years, I have yet to find a non-Austrian who understood even the basic Austrian concepts. I find the complete intellectual cowardice of the Keynesian establishment in the face of the Austrian onslaught utterly fascinating. With Krugman now admitting that we are having a “real and really bad influence” on monetary policy, wouldn’t now be the time to familiarize yourself with, let’s say, just some basic Austrian concepts? You telegraph your ignorance from miles away.


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