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Understanding the Theory Behind Occupy Wall Street’s Approach

The Occupy Wall Street protests have been collecting demands from people in order to create their own list. In their words, their demands are “a process” intended to allow people to “talk to each other in various physical gatherings and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Corey Robin on the Deep Roots of Conservative Radicalism.

In New York on Thursday, October 6th, CUNY, the Roosevelt Institute, and The Nation will present “What is Conservatism?,” a conversation between Professor Corey Robin and Christopher Hayes focused on Robin’s new book, The Reactionary Mind. Click here for more details on the event.  I really … Continue reading

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Christina Romer on Fiscal versus Housing Policy

Christina Romer wrote an excellent New York Times article on Sunday, A Plan on Jobs Deserves a Hearing.  In it Romer discusses four objections to the new Obama jobs plan. In keeping with developing a mapping of demand arguments, I … Continue reading

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New Keynesians, Equations for a Conservatively Minded Central Banker and the Evans Rule

Ryan Avent laments the failure of government and Ben Bernanke forgetting what he knew about the Great Depression.  Tim Duy reads the Bernanke of 2003 and is even more depressed.  Having spent a day rereading some New Keynesian classics, I’m starting … Continue reading

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Campaign for America’s Future Conference Next Week

Just a friendly reminder that next week Campaign for America’s Future will be hosting their 2011 Take Back The American Dream Conference Agenda in Washington DC. Here is the conference agenda and here is how to register.  You’ll also be … Continue reading

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Student Loans, Indenture and Constraints

Sarah Jaffe has a story over at Alternet, Is the Near-Trillion-Dollar Student Loan Bubble About to Pop?, that starts with stories about people buried under student debt, unable to make their payments in this terrible economy. Jaffe opens with stories … Continue reading

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Against the Permanent Prisoner

Troy Davis was executed by the state of Georgia Wednesday night. The story of Troy Davis — a man executed under flimsy, recanted eyewitness testimony while there existed enough doubt to make the state think twice about taking a person’s life — … Continue reading

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