Occupy Onward Event, New York City, December 18th.

N+1 magazine is holding an “Occupy Onward” event this Sunday in New York City.  I’m on the bill talking about debt with David Graeber (!) and Brian Kalkbrenner of Occupy Student Debt, moderated by Sarah Jaffe of Alternet.  There’s also a panel on Occupy Foreclosures as well as another dealing with the banks and a lot of other content I’m excited to see.

According to the promotion, “it will consist of four lightning-fast panels with some of the most interesting thinkers and activists in the field and then ‘report-backs’ from several of the most active OWS working groups, including labor, legal, and facilitation.”  It is this Sunday, the 18th, from noon to six at the New School (55 W. 13th Street).  It’s free but you should RSVP, and here’s the facebook page to do so.  Hope to see you there!

Here’s the schedule:

Occupy Onwards 

Presented by Occupy! Gazette, Verso, and n+1


12:00 to 1:00
The Banks: What Can Be Done?

Julia Ott, New School
Doug Henwood, Left Business Observer
Carne Ross, OWS Alternative Banking Group
Moderator: Astra Taylor, Occupy! Gazette

1:15 to 2:15
Lessons from the Past/Possible Futures

Ann Snitow, New School
L. A. Kauffman, Global Justice Movement
Yotam Marom, OWS Direct Action WG
Moderator: Asher Dupuy-Spencer, CUNY Grad Center, OWS Labor WG

Lunch Break 
Reports from:
Zephyr Teachout, Fordham Law, OWS Legal WG
Leo Eisenstein, OWS Facilitation WG
Nick Mirzoeff, OWS Education and Empowerment WG
Micah Landau, OWS Labor WG
and others

Also: Screening printing with OWS screenprinters guild!

4:00 to 5:00
Foreclosures and Resistance

Mark Naison, Fordham
Sarah Ludwig, NEDAP
Alyssa Katz, New York World
Eliot Tarver, Organizing for Occupation/OWS
Moderator: Mark Winston Griffith

5:15 to 6:15
Debt: Student, Housing, Historical

David Graeber, Debt, The First 5,000 Years
Mike Konczal, Roosevelt Institute
Brian Kalkbrenner, Occupy Student Debt
Moderator: Sarah Jaffe, Alternet

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2 Responses to Occupy Onward Event, New York City, December 18th.

  1. Taryn Hart says:

    Sounds amazing – Do you know if it will it be streamed? recorded?

  2. mcarson says:

    Please post links for us once it’s over. There are many out-of-towners who are supportive.

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